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    'Florence Nightingale'

    "The BBC's highest rated single drama of the year" 2008

    Using Florence Nightingale's personal letters and journals, the BBC co produced this award winning drama alongside Odyssey Networks, 8th Day Productions and CTVC. Filming at Lea Hurst, her family home in Derbyshire, this story aspires to provide an accurate portrayal of how Florence Nightingale became such an iconic figure. Having received great reviews plus the front cover of the Radio Times, the film is now selling to broadcasters and on DVD worldwide, demonstrating the admiration for Florence

    Nightingale's work 100 years after her death.

    This Story, led by Laura Fraser, tells the fascinating tale of how Florence Nightingale struggled against her own family to pursue her calling in life to be a nurse, a profession in 1856 considered (by her mother) comparable to prostitution. But Florence's passion and determination to provide the very best care for the soldiers of the Crimean War, established the true value of the nursing profession. Her faith led her to sacrifice a lifestyle of privilege despite her times of doubt to the real difference she was making. The film provides a powerful and vivid portrayal of an extraordinary woman as she

    pioneered to revolutionize the health care service.

    Here is what some critics had to say:

    "An intense. rewarding portrait ... " -The Observer Magazine, London

    "The drama doesn't attempt to hide Nightingale's flaws. and it touches upon her complex and determined character." - The Times. London

    In recognition of the National Student Nurses Association, the DVD is offered to all members with a 10% discount at $17.99. Should you wish to view the trailer or purchase the DVD please click on the link below.

    Florence Nightingale DVD