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The National Student Nurses Association, Inc. (NSNA) offers Nurse Recruiters the opportunity to link their websites directly to NSNA’s Online Career Center. The cost is $875 net for 12 months. NSNA provides added visibility for Magnet hospitals or internship, externship, or preceptor programs through additional free listings. NSNA promotes the logo links in Imprint magazine (read by 50,000 student nurses) and via broadcast e-mail to approximately 50,000 members.

View the Career Center page at Students will be able to learn about entry-level positions directly from your website and can also find out about the hospital’s mission, services, and culture. Simply send the hospital logo in an electronic file as a .gif or .jpg, 240 x 80 pixels, to along with your site’s URL. All inquiries and billing information should be sent to, be sure to include your name, address and billing information. Or, you may use the form here and fax it to nsna at (718) 797-1186. We will be happy to invoice you -- include the billing and contact information and a purchase order if it is required for payment. If you have any questions please contact