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NSNA® Stellar School Chapter Recognition Program 

Open to official NSNA school chapters and Five - Year Renewal school chapters who have maintained Constituency status for the past five years.

NSNA Stellar School Chapter Recognition Program Application

This continuing NSNA program (started 2009-2010) recognizes NSNA Stellar School chapters who demonstrate ongoing involvement in NSNA and a strong commitment to shared governance and professional development of their students and faculty.  

NSNA Stellar School Chapter Recognition Criteria Categories:
A point system has been developed and range of points will be awarded based on how applicants demonstrate by documentation examples of how the chapter meets the criteria categories below: 

  • Category I  - Official NSNA Constituency Status and Chapter Leadership Participation
  • Category II - Dean/Director/Chair and Faculty Support of Professional Development of Students through NSNA®
  • Category III - Facilitating Professional Development and Participation in NSNA®
  • Category IV - NSNA Program Involvement and Service Learning
  • Category V - Support of NSNA Membership 

Stellar School Chapter Recognition Criteria Categories Description 

NSNA Stellar School Chapter Recognition Program
Chapters receiving Stellar School Chapter Recognition will be recognized as follows:

  • Plaque for the school presented at the NSNA Annual Convention Opening Ceremony to students, faculty and dean/director on stage together for photo to be placed on the NSNA website;
  • Listing of NSNA Stellar Schools in Program Books, and Imprint;
  • Profile NSNA Stellar Schools on the NSNA website (, featuring the school’s logo and link to the school website;
  • NSNA Stellar School Pin presented to the dean and school chapter president, and available for purchase by all faculty and NSNA members in the school to recognize their Stellar School status;
  • The nursing program may add the NSNA Stellar School logo to their school publicity, website, printed materials, student bulletin, etc.; to “tell the world” that they are recognized for their leadership and their support of nursing student professional development. 

Other Information

  • Must provide documentation of how the criteria categories are met;
  • NSNA Stellar School status is awarded for five years and is renewable with resubmission of an application and supporting documents that demonstrate the school chapter continues to meet the current criteria as an NSNA Stellar School.