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HealthStream Professional Portfolio™


Make Tracking and Reporting Your Professional Development Easy with HealthStream Professional Portfolio™

Representing your professional healthcare experience goes far beyond a simple resume. HealthStream’s Professional Portfolio allows you to:

  • Demonstrate competency and professional development by displaying education, papers, case logs, memberships, and more
  • Create, store, and present multiple customized portfolios based on your target audience
  • Assure compliance and never miss a deadline by receiving certification and licensing reminders
  • Maintain your resume online anytime and anywhere with an internet connection

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If this is your first visit to the portfolio site, use your NSNA membership number as the login ID. Drop the first digit if your membership number begins with a zero. Your initial password is the word 'password'. You will be asked to select a new password after you login.

Having difficulty logging in? Please contact Decision Critical/HealthStream support at Live support hours are from 7am - 7pm CST, Monday - Friday.