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Welcome to the NSNA Career Planning page. Plan your career path. Review your options to pursue.

Register for ANA’s Welcome to the Profession Kit

Your passion means a bright future is waiting for you in the nursing profession.  Get ahead of the curve by registering for ANA’s Welcome to the Profession Kitdeveloped by the American Nurses Association (ANA) exclusively for students and new nurses.  The kit has tips based on real life experiences of nurses who found great employers and meaningful work, and is available at no cost to you - register for your access today at

    Acute Care vs. Non-Acute Care
Emerging trends in the delivery of many nursing and medical services reveal a shift from acute-care settings to sub-acute, long-term, and community-based care.

    Realities of the Current Job Market
The National League for Nursing and the National Student Nurses' Association are keenly aware of the entry-level job situation for new graduates. We are providing this resource to help prepare student nurses for a competitive job market.

    Nursing Specialties – Career Options for Nurses
  • Nursing Specialties – Career Planning Guide
    Nursing is a career that offers a rich field of opportunities. Use the above link as a resource/reference. There are many more specialties than what is included, but we encourage you to check out the organizations listed with each specialty for in-depth descriptions and more information on certifications and advanced education opportunities. Note that for the specialty certifications listed, an unrestricted RN license is a pre-requisite for sitting for the exams. Follow the links for detailed information.

    MidYear Career Planning Conference
The primary focus of the Annual MidYear Career Planning Conference is career planning and development. From beginning to end, the Conference offers plenty of resources to enhance education and future nursing careers. Representatives from several specialty nursing organizations help attendees explore the options available for student nurses. Also available: NCLEX mini review course.

    Imprint Career Planning Guides
  • The Imprint Career Planning Guide Issues
    Published at the beginning of each year, the Imprint Career Planning Guide (CPG) is a career development tool and planning resource that can be used by student nurses year round. Since January 2010, the CPG has been published online only.



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